Who is Pinnetje?

Hey there! Let me introduce myself. My name is Rio Poppe and I am a social person. I spend lots of my time listening to and talking with friends and strangers. My pastimes are dancing, listening to music, reading and some cooking. I also enjoy dressing up for costumed parties a little bit too much. I wouldn’t mind being kicked out of bed for a sushi dinner. I like watching beautiful images and I would love to create them myself to make a living.

Pinnetje is the nickname my boyfriend gave me. It’s kind of a rhyme-word with ‘vriendinnetje’ (which means girlfriend in Dutch). It’s a bit silly and I think it matches my personality, so I thought this would be a good name for my website! Here on my blog you’ll find general things that caught my eye.

Feel welcome to contact me through my Behance or LinkedIn account, if you’re interested in a custom-made illustration or some small talk.

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